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Entel’s DN400 radios operate on National cellular networks. Combine this with the simplicity of traditional PTT operation and DN400 radios deliver a significant step forward in capability and user benefits. A Smartphone App, Radio Gateway and PC Dispatcher options add even more flexibility and user benefits.

  • Practically unlimited range:
    DN400 radios deliver instantaneous PTT calling over Cellular & Wi-Fi networks. Entel’s multi-network un-steered roaming sim offers the very best network access and coverage.
  • Basic to Advanced Configuration:
    DX400 radios can be configured for simple press to talk operation or the more sophisticated features that you’d expect of a high-end two-way radio system.
  • No limitations:
    The DN400 enables your workforce to make a practically unlimited number of simultaneous calls.
  • No license, no Interference!:
    There’s no need for a radio license and best of all you won’t suffer channel interference from other radio users.
  • Cost Effective:
    With no need for your own expensive infrastructure Entel’s simple pricing options are especially attractive when compared to traditional two-way radio systems.
  • Ready To Go:
    DN400 radios are supplied preconfigured and ready for use, just unpack, charge and go!



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