Saudi Red Crescent Authority

Operation and maintenance of the wireless communications network

BTC Networks

A project to implement the works of supplying and installing the communication digging sewers, cables, laying the ground cables, and testing the necessary for the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces (RSADF)

Saudi Electronic Systems Company

A project to install a self-supporting communication tower with a length of 60 meters and a length of 20 meters, number 2, and the supply and installation of the iron fence

Civil Defense Directorate

Maintenance and repair of wireless communication systems and accessories in the Civil Defense for the regions

General Directorate of Border Guard

Establishment of a self-supporting communication tower in the eastern region, Al-Batha sector - Qamra Center

Arab Company (ARGAS)

Supplying antennas for fixed stations

Supplying personal tactical first aid kits

Tactical first aid kits are sets of shock-resistant and essential materials to sustain life by controlling bleeding and treating major wounds. They also include other straps.

Supplying Taser electric shock gun model X26P with cartridges for one of the law enforcement sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Taser X26P model is the smallest and most compact smart weapon with a handle...